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Hello... I'm a Group Managing Robot Exclusively Made for @MalluMoviesGroup
🚫 @Mallu_MoviesAdminBot

What can do this bot?Hi, I'm DQ 2.0 Bot
Group Manager, MalluMovies
Queries @MalluMoviesGroup

This bot is a clone of @BanHammerMarie_Bot maintained by @SpEcHlDe
Source Code:

Hey there! My name is DQ 2.0.
I'm a modular group management bot with a few fun extras! Have a look at the following for an idea of some of the things I can help you with.

Main commands available:
- /start: start the bot
- /help: PM's you this message.
- /help : PM's you info about that module.
- /donate: information about how to donate!
- /settings:
- in PM: will send you your settings for all supported modules.
- in a group: will redirect you to pm, with all that chat's settings.

All commands can either be used with / or !.

And the following:

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