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Бот обучаемый, со временем начнет шутить уместнее и веселее 😊

What can do this bot?The main meme telegram bot for your groups and personal chats. My objective is to provide the inline meme search among the thousands of memes as well as to drop cool pictures in the context of the group chats. As to the membattles, you are up to test your memes collection in the complexed conditions of odd chats.

I am the bot for group and private chats. My objective is to generate and drop a cool pictures in the context of the conversation.

Send message "@membot time /to kid" to any of your telegram chats to create a new meme

Here in personal chat you can type me anything you want, and i will show you what i reckon about it.
I need to notify you - sometimes I'm a troll and the sarcastic bastard, so no offense - OK?
Also you can participate in the membattle:
1. Type /add, for uploading a new meme and its keywords, which shoud provoke its showing in group chats
2. We accept your meme
3. I'm showing your meme in the chats and inline queries
4. According to other users reactions - i work out your coolness index and membattle position
4. You can watch your position and stats by typing /stats

So now - let's go!

By the way. Current language is English. It means that the english memes library is using.
Type /chlang to switch language interface and memes library

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Meming frequency in the group chat
Random meme
Add new meme to the global membase
General memomakers ratings
Your uploads stats
Membot help
The best memes we've ever seen Nice examples for the memomakers
Switch interface and memes library language
Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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