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This bot is made for Jah Jah people who love reggae music and its derivative genres ✌️

What can do this bot?This bot will give you a peaceful "mellow mood" with the best reggae songs' lyrics.
Naturally the most of them are from Mellow Mood's songs.
For a list of commands, click /list.

@Mellow_bot will also send you messages, news or something else sometimes.

Jah bless up ya and yo' soul.

Yo, Jah Jah people!

This is the Mellow Mood bot!
It will send you cool and rasta quotes of the best Reggae singers.
Of course, if the ones available now are not enough for you, you can ask the developer to add some!
Just send what you want to him with this command:

Here is a list of all commands:

Jah bless up.

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Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Details of all commands
Randomly selected piece of lyrics
Quotes by the Garzia twins
The Sicilian Reggae vocalist
Teachings by the King of Reggae
The words of Junior Gong
Just send whatever you want
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