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What can do this bot?🇮🇹 Con questo Bot puoi parlare con lo Staff di Minecraft Time.
🇬🇧 With this Bot you can talk with the Staff of Minecraft Time.
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Welcome to the Official Support of Minecraft Time.
Start the chat with the button below.

Minecraft Time Support 🆘
Contact Minecraft Time staff for help, info, curiosity, etc.!

- Don't use hurtful words or you'll be banned from the support bot.
- Don't talk about personal stuff or things that aren't Minecraft.
- We are nice and friendly, so don't use a grumpy tone.
- Don't give us your password or personal informations.

- Sent material (textures, maps, etc.) should credit its author, and not you!
- We aren't a single person behind this bot, but all the staff.
- We don't assure replies in festive days or between 22:00 CET and 12:00 CET.
- We are volunteers, we aren't paid to give support h24.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

About, Rules and Helps🔡
Staff List👮🏻‍♂
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