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Telegram's muscular python-based bot, add me to your groups. My owner is @stillmav say hi to him!

What can do this bot?Add me to your group, I'll manage the administrative tasks efficiently. Hit /help to see more commands and description of bot. Don't hesitate to say Hi to my master @stillmav!

Hi Bot Info Bot, my name is Hercules! If you have any questions on how to use me, read /help for more details.

I'm a group manager bot maintained by this wonderful person. I'm built in python3, using the python-telegram-bot library, and am fully opensource - you can find what makes me tick here! Here is a link to the original sources.

You can find the list of available commands with /help.

If you're enjoying using me, and/or would like to help me survive in the wild, hit /donate to help fund/upgrade my VPS!

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

set a warning filter on certain keyword, use it like '/addwarn '
mark yourself as AFK (any text after will mark it as reason)
bans a user
ban yourself from current chatroom
obtain the replied person's bio
clear the specified note
deletes old welcome messages and keeps latest joined
deletes user joined service messages
clears the rules of this chat
deletes a replied message
demotes a the current user
gets flood limit imposed on current chat
add a filter to the chat, use it like '/filter '
gets list of saved filters in the current chat
gets a note (/get ), check for saved keyword by /saved command
enable or disable leave message (on/off) (group size <50)
sends full commands of bot
gets information about user
gets groups id, if replied, gets replied user's id
gets the current chat's invite link
kicks a user
kicks yourself from the current chatroom
auto deletes certain type of media
gets current list of active locks in the chatroom
a list of possible locktypes
summary of how markdown works in telegram
obtains your profile, or another person's profile
silences a user
gets saved notes in the chat (also /saved)
removes warn filter, specify warn filter (/nowarn )
silently pins the message, or use 'loud' or 'notify' for push notification
promotes the current user, grant add admin permission for bot
: deletes the replied message, and X messages following it
restricts user from sending stickers, gif, embed links and media
resets the leaving message
resets the welcome message
get the rules of this chatroom
you're running away in fear, be prepared to be the next Vader
starts the bot in chat
save the current or replied message as a note (/save )
gets list of saved notes in this chatroom (also /notes)
silently bans a user
set your bio
imposes or removes the flood limit (/setflood or int/no/off)
sets a custom leave message (group size <50)
sets a custom welcome message
set your profile
sets the rules for this chat
opens the settings menu for current chat
slaps someone, or yourself if not a reply
stops a specific filter providing a keyword
temporarily bans a user for specific period (I.e /tban 1m = minute, 1h = hour or 1d = day )
obtains the current time from specific place
temporarily mutes a user for specific period (I.e /tban 1m = minute, 1h = hour or 1d = day )
unbans a user
temporarily restricts a user for specific period (I.e /tban 1m = minute, 1h = hour or 1d = day )
unrestrict a user from sending stickers, gif, embed links and media
removes auto delete for certain type of media
unmutes a user
unpins the currently pinned message
warns a user (3 warns will result in a ban/kick, /warn )
gets a user's number and reasons of their past warnings
enable or disable welcome message (on/off)
view more formatting information for custom welcome messages
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