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[BOT] Supported commands:

/start - Enter an anonymous chat
/stop - Leave chat
/nick - Change nick
/list - List of users in a chat
% - Write in the third person
$ - Write hidden message
/last - Show last exited users
/msg - Send a private message
/getmsg - Get private messages
/notify - Notificatios of messages in chat
/poll - Create a poll
/polldone - End a poll
/vote - Vote
/info [CODE] - See information about a user
/hug [CODE] - Hug a user
/slap [CODE] - Slap a user
/search [TEXT] - Search a user by a nick
/harakiri [MINUTES|R] - Make harakiri!
/ping - Check bot''s operability
/rules - Chat's rules
/about - Information about a bot

Most commands may be used in reply instead of enter CODE.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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Get your account info
Change your nickame
Chat rules
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