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Unleash creativity & generate stunning art. Join the community. Discover new possibilities. Use "/start" to get started.

What can do this bot?AI Digital Art BOT is your creative companion, empowering you to generate stunning digital artwork. Create captivating images for free while connecting with a community of fellow artists. Use the command "/start" to explore commands & usage

You have to first join : @maiis (For updates and changes) and @AIDigitalArt (For Art Gallery)

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

know about commands and usage
Create image usage : /image prompt | Negative prompt
Upscale AI or None AI generated image to fix bugs usage : /upscale prompt | negative
Creates the replica of the image according to prompt usage : /style prompt | negative
Image to caption
Swap the faces, Reply to destination image ans use /sface command, then send face pic
Image to text with high details
Create negative prompt from image
Create music usage : /music prompt | negative
Create audio usage : /audio prompt
Clone the voice of the person (limits 10 words max) usage /clone text to speech
Generate prompt usage : /prompt text here
Set the character to chat with
Remaster any image and improve quality and fix bugs
Upload the file to the channel
Share this bot
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