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Mr. Voice?- voice to text | speech to text

Mr. Voice?- voice to text | speech to text

Speech-to-text any file. Converts voice and video files into text. Audio and video transcription

What can do this bot?? Hey there! Meet Mr. Voice Bot ? – your personal assistant for transcribing any voice, audio, or video messages! With +80 languages supported for transcription Mr. Voice Bot is the perfect tool for busy bees who want to save time and effort. Just send us any file and experience the power of AI ? at your fingertips!

? Hi! I'm Mr. Voice Bot. and I can convert any audio, video, voice file, or video clip into text. I use the Whisper AI model from OpenAI, which allows me to automatically recognize speech in 99 different languages.

- Faster and more accurate than Telegram Premium
- I know 99 languages by ear, forget about settings
- I accept files of any length and up to 200 MB.
- Understand and translate audio and video files and video clips into text
- I do not store any of your data in any form. Safe and confidential

- Translate long voice messages from friends into text if you're too lazy to listen
- Record a lecture on your phone and convert it to text with the bot. Convenient to read and keep
- Learning a language? Send me files in a foreign language, and I'll help you figure out what they're saying.
- Creating content? Use the bot to translate news videos and create content much faster.

Just send or forward me a file, and I'll take care of the rest.
Initially, you have 10 minutes on your balance to try the service. You can increase the balance by either purchasing a minutes package or by inviting friends via a referral link (see below)

You can share your referral link with friends and get free minutes on your account! 1 referral = 1 minute of service. To access your referral link, simply use the /profile command.

I do not save translated texts, files, or voice messages. Files are deleted immediately after processing. Thus, I do not store any confidential data about you on my servers, which eliminates the possibility of data leaks.

You can also ask questions in our support group @mrvoicebot_en_support

Here are all the commands you can use:

/profile - View your profile statistics.

/buy - If you need more minutes, you can buy a minutes package.

/interface - Change the interface language.

/terms - To view terms and conditions

/help - And, of course, you can always get this message again by sending this command.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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