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LyBot – YouTube Music Bot

LyBot – YouTube Music Bot

Удобный бот для поиска музыки в YouTube Music.

Блог: @LyBlog

What can do this bot?Удобный бот для поиска музыки в YouTube Music.

Блог: @LyBlog

Hi, Bot Info Bot!
I will help you to find music in YouTube Music and will send you it as a file.
Just write me a request for the search😉

⭐️ My advantages:
➖ YouTube Music. I would have finished on this one, but no.
➖ Advanced search. Will find a song even based on its lyrics.
➖ Quality music database. Without any remixes or microphone recordings.
➖ Original quality of sent files. AAC 128 Kbps.
➖ Each audio is being sent with an original album cover.

❕I send audio instantly if it has already been downloaded through me earlier. Otherwise, the download usually takes no more than 10 seconds.

🗄 Downloaded audio I store in my channel.
👨🏻‍💻Devblog (in Russian): @LyBlog

Translated by @z33ga

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