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Biggest library on the Earth. In Telegram.

Updates and news: @nexus_search, copyright infringement: /copyright

What can do this bot?Biggest library on the Earth. In Telegram.

Updates and news: @nexus_search
Copyright infringement: /copyright
Help: /help

Hi! I'm Nexus bot!
I can search books or scientific articles by titles, authors or DOIs.

Just type your request in plain words.

Example: Divine Comedy Dante or

Restrict search by 2019 year: hemoglobin AND year:2019
Find only starting from 2019 year: hemoglobin AND year:[2019 TO *]
Search by author: authors:Jack authors:London
Exact match: "Fetal Hemoglobin"`

Also, I can accept new scientific articles from you. Send me PDF and I will process it.

/copyright - make a copyright infringement claim
/donate - tells how to support us
/help - shows this help
/roll - get random book
/settings - changes language, notification and personalized feed settings

What are you going to read today?

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A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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