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What can do this bot?Hey! This is ❤Lana Del Rey❤'s fan-made robot. If you are already a fan, this is your place and if you are not yet, I'll recommend some songs to you.
And if you are a hater, as Lana said, you sometimes hurt my feelings but I simply don't care💃

سلام! به ربات ملکه زیبایی، لانا دل ری خوش آمدید! اگر طرفدار باشین که چه بهتر اگرم نیستید، می تونین آهنگای برگزیدش رو گوش بدین😍

Your best and first source for everything about Lana Del Rey .
Channel : @LanaNews
Instagram : @LanaDelRey_iR

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