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Dies ist der Bot von jh0ker, dem inoffiziellen Imperator des Universums.

What can do this bot?This bot notifies you if someone pushes something in GitLab or GitHub.
Dieser Bot benachrichtigt Dich, wenn jemand was auf GitLab oder GitHub pusht.

Receive Telegram messages on push events in your GitLab- and GitHub-Repositories
Lies dies in Deutsch: /help_de


1. Optional: Invite me to a group!
2. Run the command /register_git
3. Copy the URL you get and add it as a webhook in your project under Settings ➡️ Web Hooks. Only push events are supported right now.
4. From GitHub, you'll receive a message, with GitLab you can test the functionality of the bot with Test Hook

Thanks for using Jannes' GitBot!
PS: You can always read this again with the command /help. Questions? Message my creator @jh0ker_supportbot :)

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