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Awesome bot to read more about Islam

Developer: @Ahed00

What can do this bot?Welcome to this awesome Islamic bot🌸 you can read more about Islam📖.. And find more questions and answers🔎..

📌You were not created for no reason. Think about it; you will realize that you were created to be a Muslim.🌸

📌Islam is the last divine religion. The Holy Quran is the last book sent down by Almighty Allah🌸

📌By no means can the word be filled with justice and credibility without Islam🌸

#Ask_More #Read_More #Know_More ..

To find more questions and answers about Islam you can join here👌..
You are welcome at anytime🌸..

#Ask_More .. #Know_More

🍂Question&Answer Channel
The purpose of this channel is to help preachers for responding to the questions of christians.

🍂You can search for the answer that you want by clicking on the Arabic translation above the English translation


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what's the meaning of islam
Jesus in islam
who is Muhammad
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