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What can do this bot?💐Features of this Robot💐
👉pdf files📂
👉Interview practise💺
👉IAS exam 👮
👉Learng English🗣
👉General Science📙
👉Class Videos📹
👉World History📕
👉Computer Basic📗
👉International Realtion📘
👉Country List📔
👉Famous person📒
👉IQ Test📚
👉Mock Test Paper📄
👉Logical Reasoning & Mental

I am Sajid from Bihar,India 👮
I maked this Robot for those person who are interested to gain knowledge 📚
Open the Folder (prelims,Mains & Interview etc ) & Solve the Question from those folders.
If you feel any problem in any questions from anywhere.Ping me that Questions on my telegram( +919955123900).
👆you will receive✍ the answers For those questions within 24 Hours⌚️

Join my telegram channel also to get pdf🔽

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