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Hyperadio server bot.

What can do this bot?This bot help you to interract with Hyperadio server —

Get information about playing tracks.
Like current track and add to special playlist on request.
Download album art and tracks to play it offline and so on...
Convert chiptunes (download it to me for that).

/help for detailed information.

Hi! I am a Hyperadio bot from HYPERADIO.RETROSCENE.ORG (ver 0.2.5)

Send me some commands:
/np — Get info about current playing track
/like — Like current track and add to playlist on request
/plus — Raise current track rating
/minus — Drop current track rating

/dl — Download current track
/dln — Download track by number in current playlist
Example: /dln 1 or /dln 25 100
/art — Download album art for current track

/last — Get info about 5 last played tracks
/time — Get timetable
/help — This help

The delay for commands processing can be up to 10 seconds, so be patient, please. Do not spam me!
Also I can convert some chiptunes, so upload it to me ;)

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

get info about current playing track
add current track to playlist on request
raise track rating
drop track rating
download current track
download album art for current track
get last 5 played tracks
get timetable
this help
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