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Official group (with group link): @hexagame

Updates channel: @hexaupdates

What can do this bot?Hunt, catch, and battle pokemon

Well hello there new trainer, choose a pokemon to begin your journey with.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

hunt for pokemon
hunt for rare pokemon
battle another user
check your player stats
check your inventory
show your pokemon
edit your current active pokemon
rename a pokemon
check stats of a pokemon
check IVs and EVs of a pokemon
evolve a pokemon
release a pokemon
trade pokemon
give Poke Dollars to other players
visit the poke store
give rare candies to a pokemon
give vitamins to a pokemon
travel to different regions
search pokemon in your personal pokedex
view all your pokedex entries
play mini games
view active events
play the daily lottery
invite players and get rewards
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