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a revision and exams application for android phones to help kids seize,retain and apply knowledge

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1.How to join us
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Grasp Revision and Exams app
Class 4 - 8
Social Studies
Learn how to make your kid:
✔Retain and
✔Apply knowledge
Download the Grasp Exams APP today from the play store, it's free 💵
Key features:
1.Thousands and thousands of quality revision questions that are consistent with the approved KNEC syllabus
2.Realtime marking of the attempted tests
3.Powerful analytical tools and reports
4.History of the attempted questions and score
5.User-friendly interface
6.Cost effective
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how to Join us
How to make payments
Agents' referral programme
how to add your kid to the system
how to join and contribute to GRASP
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