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Hello, I am gnu go bot.
I can play go with you.
To edit setting (game mode, borad size, AI level)
Type /setting
To start a game.
Type /new
Or with some addition gnugo parameter.
For example:
/new --your-custom-arguments
To continue a game
Type /load
or with some addition arguments
For example:
/load --your-custom-arguments
then send the sgf file to the bot as document
To quit
type /exit

To rate this bot
Rate me please

Mmis1000. 2016, Released under MIT License
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Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

start a new game or with some gnugo parameter like /new --your-param
load a sgf file or with some gnugo parameter like /load --your-param
export current game as sgf file
quit current game
edit game setting
get help message
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