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Help exporting GIF, Sticker and Sticker Set from Telegram to local.

Contact: @ryanryanryan

What can do this bot?Decode and download GIF, Sticker, Sticker Set and more within telegram, tap /help to see more details.

Enjoy it :)


支持 Telegram 内 GIF、贴纸、贴纸集等格式转换和下载,输入 /help 获取更详细的使用说明吧。

请尽情使用 :)

Hi New User,Welcome🎊

Use /help to find detail usage.

TG Downloader Bot Usage
1. GIF:
☛ Send GIF directly.
☚ File packed with MP4 and GIF.

2. Static Sticker:
☛ Send Sticker directly.
☚ File of PNG.

3. Animated Sticker:
☛ Due to the resource limitation, it is not support to decode this type of sticker right now.

4. Static Sticker Set:
☛ Send Sticker first, then tap「Download Sticker Set」button.
☛ Send Sticker Set Link directly, for example EmmaWatsonStickers.
☚ File packed with a list of PNGs.

⚠︎ It is resource consuming to download the entire sticker set, PLEASE select and download what you want one by one if not necessary. I would deeply appreciate if you do so.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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