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Galactron - Channel Manager

Galactron - Channel Manager

Powerful Telegram bot to help you manage your channels. Updates: @GalactronNews | @Kaizoku Support: @GalactronSupport

What can do this bot?Galactron helps you manage your channels efficiently with its powerful modules.
Send /help to check out all available commands.

Hey there! My name is Galactron - Channel Manager - I'm here to help you manage your channels! Hit /help to find out more about how to use me to my full potential.

Join my news channel to get information on all the latest updates.


Hey! My name is Galactron. I am a channel management bot, here to help you get around and keep the order in your channels!
I have lots of handy features, such as marginals, a greeting system and even a forward removing system.

Helpful commands:
- /start: Starts me! You've probably already used this.
- /help: Sends this message; I'll tell you more about myself!
- /donate: Gives you info on how to support me and my creator.

If you have any bugs or questions on how to use me, head to @GalactronSupport.
All commands can be used with the following: / !

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