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What can this bot do?

Telegram's group manager bot.

Try /help to list available Commands.

@thwarikh for questions.

What can do this bot?Iam a Group Manager bot made by @thwarikh

Hi Bot Info Bot, my name is My Film Box Bot! If you have any questions on how to use me, read /help - and then head to @MarieSupport.

I'm a group manager bot maintained by this wonderful person. I'm built in python3, using the python-telegram-bot library, and am fully opensource - you can find what makes me tick here!

Feel free to submit pull requests on github, or to contact my support group, @MarieSupport, with any bugs, questions or feature requests you might have :)
I also have a news channel, @MarieNews for announcements on new features, downtime, etc.

You can find the list of available commands with /help.

If you're enjoying using me, and/or would like to help me survive in the wild, hit /donate to help fund/upgrade my VPS!

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