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This bot can Fails. And another cool commands. Written in C on tablet using Vim and hosted on tablet.

What can do this bot?This bot can Fails. And another...

Hello! I am the FailsBot, working as daemon process written in C with love and in rush in one night in Vim at Android device. Now I use the *stupid* person which hardcoded on main module therefore I have been often restarted. Stay determined! Feel free to write your suggestions to the bot's author in the @fludpac chat.

/help - prints this message;
/vzhuh [message] - do vzhuh;
/start - info about bot.
/isitblocked - checks for RKN blocks;
/uptime - shows bot's uptime since last restart;
/xkcd - shows random or numbered XKCD comix;

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Show help
do vzhuh (with optional Markdown label)
send formatted message as HTML
send random quote from IT-channel @xthon
some Zen from GitHub
search in
checks for RKN blocks
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Type your message to make fail...
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