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Provide up-to-date Ethereum gas prices. Get alerts when gas price falls below your settings.

What can do this bot?Provide up-to-date Ethereum gas prices and get alerts when gas price falls below your settings. Watch multiple wallets ERC20 token transactions and get alerted.

Welcome to Gas Tracker Bot.

The bot can report current Ethereum gas price. You can also set an alert to get notified when price reached your settings.

Click buttons below to start. 👇

❓ The gas tracker tracks Ethereum gas in real time:

👉 Click price button below to get current gas price.
👉 Set alert to enable the notification when the price reached the settings.
👉 Watch multiple wallets for token transactions.
👉 Add the bot to a chat group and give the admin permission, so everyone in the group can get the alert.

👉 Join if you have any questions.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

start to use the bot
current gas price
alert number to set to alert when safelow gas price is below the number
history graphs
Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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