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What can do this bot???? @EmojiWorldBot is a multilingual emoji dictionary

The bot currently features:
?emoji-to-word and word-to-emoji conversion for more than 70 languages.
?a tagging game ? for people to contribute to the expansion of these dictionaries or the creation of new ones for any additional language.
? inline queries: type @EmojiWorldBot and an emoji tag, and it will suggest a set of emojis for that tag you can send in any Telegram conversation.

Hi Info, welcome to EmojiWorldBot!


You are invited to use and share @EmojiWorldBot at your pleasure. Through your use of the service, you agree that:

1. We make no guarantees about the accuracy of the data, and we are not liable for any problems you encounter from using the words you find here. We hope we are giving you good information, but you use it at your own risk.

2. We may keep records of your searches and contributions. We understand privacy and value it as highly as you do. We promise not to sell or share information that can be associated with your name, other than acknowledging any contributions you make to improving our data. We use the log files to learn from you and produce the best possible service. For example, if you search for a tag that we don’t have, the log files let us know that we should consider adding it.

3. This is an interactive application that may send you messages from time to time. Messages might include service alerts such as feature updates, or contributor queries such as asking you to translate a new word to your language. We will do our best not to be annoying.

4. Any information you provide about your favorite languages is given freely and voluntarily, with no claims of copyright or ownership on your part, and no expectation of payment. We are free to use the data you share in any way we see fit (and thank you for it!).

If you don’t agree to our terms of service, please delete the bot from your telegram contacts and you’ll never hear from us again (unless you decide to come back ?). If you are cool with the conditions stated above, please enjoy!

Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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