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EasyMegaBot helps to channel’s owners to create and lead “Megas” fast and easy.

What can do this bot?🇬🇧@EasyMegaBot - is a perfect tool for promote your channel. It will help you to create and lead “Megas” fast and easy.
-For "Mega's" leaders
• Creation of buttons and text "Megas"
• Delayed publish of a "Mega"
• Participation is automatically controlled
-For "Mega's" participant
•"Mega's Poster" - larger Mega`s database in telegram
• Automatical publish and removal of "Mega"
🇷🇺@EasyMegaBot поможет вам создать и опубликовать «Мегу», а также поучаствовать в «Мегах» других пользователей.

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