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What can do this bot?This bot helps you to roll dice! you can roll a complex formula like "2d4+3d6+1" or a pool of dice like "8d10" and ask to count numbers of success and separate high values and low values.

/roll x/yDn+z[+...] => (x best of y dice of n face)
Es: 3/4D6 (best 3 dice of 4D6), 2D8+1d6, 1D100, ...

/pool xDn => pools x dice with n face. add (t) to calculate the threshold results
Es: 5d10(8)... 6d6(-3)
Negative threshold are used to find value or less.
Can also separate high results and low results:
5d10(8,10,1) ... 6d6(,5,2)

/help this info

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

x/yDn+z Es: 2d8, 3/4d6, d10...
xDn(t) Es: 5d10(8), 6d6 ...
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