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What can do this bot?Whether you are a regular man looking for some comfort or whether you are a man observant of the Law looking to stay in the path of righteousness, this app will bring you closer to the Word of the Almighty. Enjoy!

Hi. If you want to get a quote just send /quote

I will gladly Help you

Available Commands:

/quote - sends a quote
/help - sends help
/suggest - requests a suggestion
/rate - rates this bot on the store
/latest - sends the latest quote
/link - sends a quote with a link
/picture - sends a quote with as a picture
/contact - sends contact information
/channel - adds bot to channel
/randombot - sends a quote from another bot
/more - more excellent bots
/start - start receiving one quote each day
/stop - aborts your daily quote subscription

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

sends a quote
sends help
sends a suggestion
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