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Bot that helps users to gain insights to become successfull eSport analyst!

What can do this bot?WARNING ⚠️
Bot gives only eSport tournaments predictions based on Game data using Machine Learning algorithms. Bot is not encourage you to take a risks! Every decision risks that you taking based on Bots predictions is all yours!

Бот предоставляет только вероятность исхода матчей киберспорта основываясь на игровых данных используя алгоритмы машинного обучения! Бот не побуждает вас брать на себя риски! Каждый риск связанный с решением сделанным основываясь на прогнозе Бота лежит на вас!

Greatings! Welcome to Cyber_probe eSport analytics and predictions informing bot. With current prediction success rate 64.87%
In order to send you correctly udjusted timezone information, please provide your location:

New User, welcome to main menu! I have current prediction success rate 64.87%. To see prediction detalisation by game press /success command! To see terms and conditions press /terms. What can I do fo you?

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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