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A CryptoCurency Pricing, Charting, Information, and News Bot

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What can do this bot?This bot can send Crypto prices, charts, current ICOs, market movers, Marketcaps, and News

Hi, I'm the @CryptoWhaleBot🐳

/p -prices
/c - charts
/howtoadd - how to add to a group
/help - get full command list

Community Chat @CryptoAquarium 🦀

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Cryptowhalebot 🐳

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Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

price of coin
3 day chart
help summary and contact
WhaleBot Alerts
sign up for access to whale report
Top 10 coin summary
get multiple prices at once
Best movers in the top 100
Worst movers in the top 100
social media sentiment
github commits
minute candles
Market caps of coins
slap the bot for being bad
get import links for a coin
use our wallet watcher bot to track wallets
get the all time high prices for a coin
get longs vs shorts
get ETH gas prices
get the all time high price for a coin in btc
get return on ICOs
advance charts Ex: /ac ETH USD hour 120
orderbook visualizations
overall news or search a specific coin
get the 52 week high and low for a coin
get top 10 exchanges by volume
calculate the price of a quanity of coin
Find upcoming events (coin optional)
ICO's going on today
reply to a link with this to get a TL;DR
price of a stock
chart for stock
get profitability for a GPU
get pc part deals
get google trends on a coin
get the supply for a coin
events into the future [optional days]
volume for a coin
masternode information for a coin
see how many coins to buy a lambo
mock someone
crypto tools
find where you can buy a coin
coin descriptions
get a whitepaper for a coin
get help on adding to a group
links that support the whalebot
Developer contact
send feedback
get a coins price changs
get a random meme
find the homebase!
Logo Designer Contact
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