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World Covid19 stats.. use /help to show all commands

What can do this bot?This Bot gives you Covid19 🦠 stats when you share any location from any part of the world. For other commands do a /help

Welcome to The Covid-19 Tracker Bot! 🦠

You can use these Commands:


Stay Home, Stay Safe! 🏡 New User

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You can now Share any location and get the stats of any country,
Below are few countries where you get more detailed stats

If you share any location which inside

1)India get statewise and district-wise stats,
2)USA get statewise and county wise stats,
3)Germany get statewise stats,
4)Netherlands get statewise and Gementee wise stats,
5)Japan get statewise stats,
6)Russia get statewise stats,
7)UK get statewise stats,
8)Spain get statewise stats,
9)Australia get statewise stats,
10)Canada get statewise stats,
11)Brazil get statewise stats,
12)France get Département stats,
13)Italy get statewise stats,
All other countries get just country wise stats,

Just point the pin on the map and share it

/commands for listing all the available commands

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

fetch stats of India press➡️
of India press ➡️
and then code KA press ➡️
stats districtwise enter state code ➡️
world stats press ➡️
letter ‘L’ press ➡️
code NL press ➡️
and then num 10 press ➡️
and then num 10 press ➡️
stats of Asia press ➡️
stats of Africa press ➡️
stats of Europe press ➡️
stats of North America press ➡️
stats of South America press ➡️
fetch COVID19 news press ➡️
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