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Admin here Β» @contactoAdmin_bot

What can do this bot?I can create feedback bots for now...but I am planning to take over the world soon enough 😈

Got any feedbacks/suggestions/bugs? Hit us here @contactoAdmin_bot

Hi New User!

Welcome to @contactorobot, create feedback bots with ease

Send /help to know how to create one.

Why do you need to connect a group?
1) Bot can send more messages/sec to group compared to private chat
2) Easier for you to add/remove admins
3) Any user in the group can reply to the user's message
⚠ This group should be private, don't connect any existing/public groups

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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unlink a bot πŸ’”
get help πŸ†˜
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