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bringing together user and bots ! Community chat: @ConfluxChat Announcement: @ConfluxUpdates Visit: @affilioBot

What can do this bot?Conflux is a platform that will seamlessly connect your social accounts.

You can connect your telegram account to conflux and set it to resend or forward the messages you receive from one channel (no need to be admin) to another channel (need to be admin here)


Hello Info, welcome to @ConfluxBot

We have 2 versions of Resenser Bots:
- Bot Version (lite weight)
- Web Version (for advanced users)

To visit Web Version, follow this
- Click on WEB DASHBOARD button
- Click on Web Portal

??Web Version tutorial
??Bot Version tutorials

? Imp updates @ConfluxUpdates

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

use it when you are stuck in a menu
[?group] to set Text to Speak language
[?group] reply to any message to get a voice note of it
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