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Compile and run code on Telegram and share the output with your friends. Am I down? Check:

What can do this bot?I can compile programs in some of your favorite languages, including:

- Node.js
- Python
- C++
- C#

...and more!

Hello! I am Compile Bot. You can give me pieces of code to compile/run, and I'll give you back the output.

I currently support these languages:

- C
- C++
- Java
- JavaScript (Node.js)
- Python 2
- Python 3
- C#
- Visual Basic .NET
- Ruby
- PHP 5
- PHP 7
- Lua 5.0
- Lua 5.1
- Lua 5.2
- Lua 5.3
- Go

You can use me with inline mode to easily share snippets and their results with friends. To do so, simply type @CompileBot into your message box, then a space, then your code. Choose the language you want and I'll compile it! Want a demo? Send /inline.

You can also use the /compile command to run larger pieces of code (Telegram has a 512-character limit on inline mode).

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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