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The #1 Crypto Market Bot? Charts, Price, News & more ? Setup: Add the bot to a group or chat directly. Type /start.

What can do this bot?CoinTrendzBot is the #1 Crypto Market Assistant on Telegram. ? Get realtime Crypto Charts, Price Information & more! ?

?How to setup:
Add @CoinTrendzBot to your Telegram Group or Chat with the Bot directly.

ℹ️How to use:
The Bot listens to your commands. Type a command in the chat defined in /help.

Enter /p eth in the chat to receive ETH Price Information.

If you need help, ask in our Chat @CoinTrendzCommunity.
?More Info:
⭐Unlock Pro Version: /pro

Hey Info! ?

I am CoinTrendzBot, the #1 Crypto Market Bot on Telegram and your personal crypto assistant. ?

Feel free to add me to your group or chat with me directly.

The Bot works by typing Commands into the Chat, Example:
Enter /p btc to receive the Price Information of BTC.

You can use all commands defined in /help or set custom alerts on!

CoinTrendzBot Commands:
/p - Coin's Price
/c - Coin's Chart
/ob - Coin's Orderbook Chart
/checkob - Analyze Coin's Orderbook
/ta - Coin's Technical Analysis
/vol - Coin's Volume
/ath - Coin's ATH USD Value & Date
/atl - Coin's ATL USD Value & Date
/dom - BTC Dominance Chart
/google - Google Trends Chart
/trending - Trending Search on Coingecko
/index - Top 10 Coins by Marketcap
/cap - Total Crypto Market Stats
/best - Best Performing Coins
/worst - Worst Performing Coins
/sentiment - Show current Sentiment

News & Events
/news - Show News for specific Coin
/events - Show Events for specific Coin
/reddit - Check Posts of a subreddit

/trades - Show Past Trades
/whales - Show Big Whale Orders
/liquidations - Show Liquidations

/uprice - Show Price of Uniswap Coins
/utrades - Show Past Trades on Uniswap
/uwhales - Show Big Whale Orders on Uniswap
/uholders - Show Token Holders of Uniswap Coins
/ulisting - Show newly listed Coins on Uniswap
/ustats - Show Global Uniswap Stats

/tweets - Coin's Twitter Stats
/twittersentiment - CT Sentiment for Top 250
/mentions - Most Trending Coins on Twitter

/sc - Chart for a Stock

Forex & Gold
/fc - Chart for a Currency / Gold

/quote - Show a Random Quote
/meme - Show a Random Dank Meme
/gif - Show a Random Funny GIF

/pro - Upgrade to Pro Version
/howtoadd - How to add Bot to a Group
/info - Info about the Bot & CoinTrendz
/terms - Terms & Privacy Policy
/free - All Free Tools & Channels
/advertise - Advertise on CoinTrendz

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Coin's Price [eg. /p btc]
Coin's Chart [eg. /c btc/usdt binance 1h macd rsi]
Coin's On-Chain Price [eg. /dex gmx]
Coin's On-Chain Chart [eg. /cdex gmx]
Coin's Orderbook Chart [eg. /ob btc]
Tradingview Ideas [eg. /ideas btcusdt]
Coin's Technical Analysis [eg. /ta btc 1h binance]
Analyze Coin's Orderbook [eg. /checkob btc]
Coin's Volume [eg. /vol btc 120]
List all Markets of a Coin [eg. /exch btc]
Description and Info of a Coin [eg. /desc btc]
Summarize a Website or PDF by ChatGPT
Coin's ATH USD Value & Date [eg. /ath btc]
Coin's ATL USD Value & Date [eg. /atl btc]
BTC Dominance Chart [eg. /dom 1h]
Google Trends [eg. /google btc,eth 1m]
Latest Tweets [eg. /twitter elonmusk]
Trending Search on Coingecko
Crypto Heatmap by MarketCap
Crypto RSI Map by MarketCap
Posts of Subreddit [eg. /reddit btc]
Top 10 Coins by Marketcap
Total Crypto Market Stats
ETH Staking Stats
Bitcoin Halving Stats
Compare Market Capitalization [eg. /comp btc eth]
Open Interest
Funding Rates [eg. /funding eth/usdt]
Long/Short Ratio [eg. /ratio btcusdt 4h]
Best Performing Coins
Worst Performing Coins
RSI Overbought/Oversold [eg. /top rsi]
ETH Gas Fees
Show current Sentiment
News [eg. /news btc]
Events [eg. /events btc]
Past Trades [eg. /trades btc 90]
Big Whale Orders [eg. /whales btc 1440]
Biggest Futures Liquidations
Coin's Twitter Stats [eg. /tweets btc]
Overall CT Sentiment
Most mentioned Coins on CT
Chart for a Stock [eg. /sc tsla 1h rsi]
Stock Prices and Dividends [eg. /sp aapl]
Upcoming CPI, PPI & FOMC Events
Stock Market Trading Hours
Chart for fx / gold [eg. /fc gold 1h rsi]
Set Price Alerts [eg. /alert eth 3000]
Show active Alerts
Set RSI Alerts [eg. /alert eth 30 1h]
Show active RSI Alerts
Set Watchlist Alert [eg. /watch btc 5 1h]
Show active Watchlist
Live Forex Rates
Analyze a Chart with ChatGPT
TA Analysis by ChatGPT
TA Strategy by ChatGPT
Random Quote
Random Joke
Random Meme
ChatGPT Sarcasm
Random GIF
Random Drink
Set a Shortcut [eg. /shortcut btc /p btc]
Show Active Shortcuts
Clear Bot Messages after 1min
Upgrade to Pro Version
Remove Ads
Terms & Privacy Policy
Useful Links
How to add Bot to Group
Help Summary
Info about the Bot
All Free Tools & Channels
Advertise on CoinTrendz
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