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I'm an inline bot that sends you the weather forecast for your city. Official Channel: @climatologiaofc

What can do this bot?This Bot gives you weather information such as: weather, temperature, thermal sensation and humidity level in your city in real time.? Official Channel: @climatologiaofc

Olá, sou Janna!

Sou um bot que te envia os dados de previsão do tempo da sua cidade. ?!

?Climatolgiabot - Canal Oficial: Clique aqui

?Meu código-fonte: GitHub

BTC: bc1qjxzlug0cwnfjrhacy9kkpdzxfj0mcxc079axtl
ETH/USDT: 0x1fbde0d2a96869299049f4f6f78fbd789d167d1b

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