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Official bot for @channelsposter. Helps channel owners to promote their channels.

What can do this bot?Promote your channel for free with me. 😊

Hey there!, Am here to help you advertise your channel in telegram and gain more members. Your channel will be posted in Channels Poster Channel.
This is a free initiative and it will always be.

βœ… Guidelines βœ…

In order to meet the requirements, follow these simple guidelines, in order to advertise with us you should follow this format.

πŸ’‘ Your channel should be using English only

πŸ’‘ Send a logo of your channel, on it include a short description of your channel with its username. (public username or private invitation link), If incase you don't want to send logo but only text make sure your description does not exceed 150 characters for if it exceeds it won't be accepted by our machine.

below are illustration of examples.

Example 1 , Example 2

πŸ’‘ Your channel should not be containing adult content.

πŸ’‘ No Groups Accepted at all.

πŸ’‘ Your channel should have a minimum of three hundred (1000) members in order to be accepted.

If you meet the above requirements, your channel will pass in our moderation system and if it's acceptable you shall be notified and it will be posted, also if it doesn't meet the above criteria you shall be notified. Sounds cool.. Ah... 😎?

πŸ¦… ImportantπŸ¦…

We know given this free chance there is likelihood of spam, good news is that we have Antispam system enabled and we only accept three (3) channels from a user per week so when posting be keen not to be left out. Just be straight, and specific.

πŸ’‘ Premium Promotion
In this version of promotion, your channel(s) are posted across a big catalog of channels.
Click here to proceed with premium version if you encounter a bug in paying for premium please contact @Trippkramer or @MarketerPro for PayPal option.

🦁 Good Luck

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