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the bot still on building but for more info contact @Mr_Badihi

What can do this bot?the bot still on building but for more info contact @Mr_Badihi

Successfully completed.

- I can't find my history.
You can access the play history clicking the game icon at the top of the screen.

- How many payment platforms are availed?
The casino platform makes use of whatever link is set in the "payment key section" by the game owner. The players simply send money to the group admin via the link they have posted therein once they have started a new game. It is not limited to any payment platform.

- How do I receive my winnings?
Your prize will be automatically deposited in your associated account upon winning.

- How soon can I withdraw my winnings?
Once you are confirmed the winner and choose to leave, you can withdraw your prize as soon as your chosen payment platform provider authorizes it.

- What are the rules?
As long as you are above the age of 18 and have the minimum threshold required to play, you're good to go.

- How does it work?
The bot can be added by any group admin to their group once they have permission from the bot's owner. Once it is added, the group admin can set the terms, rates and payment link/address where payment can be made as long as it is a legitimate trading platform.

- How long do I have to place my bet?
The "Preparation Period" specified by the group admin is the duration of time allowed to place a bet after which no further bids can be made.

- How do I receive my dues?
If you win you will be sent the prize by the group admin to the link address you used to pay for placing your bet.

Instructions for gameplay:
The group admin initiates a round of gameplay by typing the phrase /game
The bot will automatically prompt them for which type of game they would like to play along with the payment address and terms of the game plus the preparation period for players to ready themselves and send their dues to the link
Upon completing these parameters the players send their bets to the set link within the period specified in "Preparation Period" in order to enter the game. When this period elapses the bets will stop
The bot will then start a round prompting the players to pick a number
Proceed by choosing one of the numbers with the radio button next to it
The bot will then do a random selection for the winner and display the winner forthwith the admin will pay the winners their dues

For any more questions contact @Mr_Badihi

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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