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Welcome to Bulls and Cows! Use /rules command to learn how to play.

Select game language:

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Use /start to start the game bot
Use /best [number] to show best guesses
Use /level to set game complexity level
Use /lang to set secret word language
Use /create [word]|[number] to create a game
Use [/guess] to place a guess for the secret
Use /tries to show previous guess attempts
Use /zero to show guesses with zero matches
Use /hint to reveal a random letter in a secret
Use /suggest [letters] for bot to suggest a word
Use /stop to abort the game and show secret
Use /score to show total scores
Use /trend _[day|week|month]_ to show top players
Use /rules to see the game rules
Usr /help to show this help
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