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Bowen is your stock market AI assistant🤖 Chat with Bowen to get realtime info about the stock market💡

What can do this bot?This chatbot can retrieve realtime financial data of US publically traded stocks, including
📍 realtime price and historical price of the stocks;
📍logo,basic information and the peer of the companies;
📍balance sheet, cash flow, key stats, upcoming event and income statement of your desired company.

Simply text something like "historical price of Tesla" or "balance sheet of AAPL" and the desired data will arrive at your fingertips 📊💹📣✅📈📉

Hey New User! I can retrive the following info of your desired stock:
realtime price;
historical price;
balance sheet;
income statement;
cash flow;
key stats;
upcoming event;
basic information;
peer company.
Just say something like: "historical price of Tesla" or "cash flow of AAPL"

If I retrieve something wrong,
please hit the /start button and ask me one more time

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