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What can do this bot?Sharing all Crypto Information at once Place

Hi Info ?
I am Blockies Bot
I can help you get the crypto data just by command!
Press /help to see all the commands and how they work!

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📖 Help: How to Use Blockies
Hello New User
With the help of Blockiesbot
You can explore the blockchain with details!!
List of Commands 👩‍💻:
/start - Reloads The Bot
/balance {chain} {address} - Get Address Balances
/price Shows price of Coin
(/p coin
/p amount coin
/p coin currency)/gas - Get ETH Gas Fee
/conv {coin1} {coin2} - Get price of coin1 in coin2
/conv {amount} {coin1} {coin2} - get price of coin1 with specified amount
/Market {coin} - get the list of exchanges where the coin is listed
/news - get crypto news
/tx {chain} {txid} - Get TXID Details
/chain - to check the available chains
Fun commands: ( /meme /fact /quote /joke)
/help - Shows this message.
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Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Restart The Bot
[coin] get price of a coin
[coin] get price of a coin
Sets alert for a coin
[alert ID]
Get ETH Gas Price
[coin] Shows markets of a coin
Gets Latest Crypto News ?
Fear & Greed Index image
List All Commands And their usage
List All Supported Chains
Summary of Technical Analysis
[coin name]
Shows Random Meme in image form
Top Trending coins on coingecko
contact admin
Random Fact
Random Joke
get a quote
Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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