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What can do this bot?👉 Best bot to know the live price of a lot of crypto!
👉 This bot will keep you updated on the best ɃTC, ŁTC and ÐOGE Faucets open! 💰
👉 Updated constantly by its creator @DoppiaeSSe 😄
👉 For donations check the 🌟 Donate section in the bot. Thanks so much! 😇
👉 Good use! 👍

Welcome to BitfaucetsBot
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Live Bitcoin Price
Live Bitcoin Cash Price
Live Monetha Price
Live Dogecoin Price
Live Litecoin Price
Live ZCash Price
Live Monero Price
Live DigiByte Price
Live Cagecoin Price
Live Ethereum Price
Live Ripple Price
Live Clams Price
Live Dash Price
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