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Bitcoin News 24/7 From Top 100+ Sources Worldwide

What can do this bot?Our Bot machine reads over 100 global news sources for several keywords associated with 'Bitcoin'. This includes reputable sources such as: FT, Twitter, Reddit, Stocktwits, Seeking Alpha, etc. When a news article is identified as being relevant for Bitcoin we include the header and a link to the original article / post. Hence, our news feed saves our users hours of time each day in keeping up with the very latest news. The service is 24/7/365 and extremely simple for the user to switch 'ON' / 'OFF'.

Welcome! This Bot will save you hours of time each day by collecting the latest Bitcoin news from over 20 news sites.

Type NEWS ON to enable your real-time news alerts. Type NEWS OFF to disable alerts.

To ask a question about bitcoin, simply type in your question, for example
what is bitcoin?

Type START or HELP at any time to show all this again

Let the Bot do all the work for you – enjoy

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