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Current world is full of redundant and shitty news so one of the solution is to bepicky.
Your personal news aggregator.

What can do this bot?Hello!
I'm can be your personal news aggregator in Telegram.
I'm delivering news as soon they appear on the source.
Currently I'm reading news from: Forbes, CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Youtube and many others.
I'm selecting news based on more then 100 categories and 3 languages.
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Nice to see you there New User.

Today's world is full of redundant and shitty news. The solution is to bepicky.
I'm helping you to stay in touch with all worldwide important news without searching everything by yourself. I will do it for you.

Let's setup me to let me show you how I can be helpful for you.

Help? You can choose one of the following

/options – see your personal options
/search [key] - to search for news

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