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Earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by visiting web sites and performing other simple tasks.

What can do this bot?Earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by:

- Visiting websites on links
- Joining Telegram chats
- Messaging other Telegram bots

News: @DOGEClickUpdates
Support: @DOGEClickSupport

Welcome to BCH Click Bot! 🔥

This bot lets you earn Bitcoin Cash by completing simple tasks.

Press 🖥 Visit sites to earn by clicking links
Press 🤖 Message bots to earn by talking to bots
Press 📣 Join chats to earn by joining chats

You can also create your own ads with /newad.

Use the /help command for more info.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Show the main menu
Visit websites and earn
Earn by messaging bots
Earn by joining chats
Manage your ads
Create a new ad
Show your balance
Deposit funds
Withdraw funds
Show transactions
Show your referrals
Show help
Cancel prompt
Share this bot
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