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This bot will be your banker in any Monopoly Game! It can manage all of your Monopoly Transactions πŸ’³

What can do this bot?This bot will be your banker in any Monopoly Game (it uses millions(M) and thousands (K) for money).
It can come handy if you are always the banker and don't like counting all the money !

πŸ‘†Initial commands:
πŸ‘‰/newgame : this will create a game ID so that you can send it to your friends
πŸ‘‰/joingame : you need a friend's game ID! (Made by @olalo)

**NOTE: This bot is intended to be used with the physical game (which means I'm just a helper!)

Alright! Start a /newgame (this will create a new game ID) or /joingame (you need a friend's game ID!).

If you create a new game, that game will be associated to you. So if you leave your own game, but there are players still in there, you won 't be able to create a new game (but you will still be able to join others' games, and you can also join your own game),UNTIL every player in the game leaves. Remember: You can only be in one game at a time.

Also, I'm just a helper, you will still need to gather your friends to play the physical board Monopoly, but now you won't have to count any bills again!

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

send money to a player
send money to everyone
pay money to the bank
get paid by the bank
your current balance
everyone's balance
leave current game
make a new game without players
join an existing game with its ID
help regarding how the bot works
Share this bot
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