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Learn Artificial Intelligence with me, your dedicated prof! Copy and share me with your friends

What can do this bot?Whether you are a novice or an expert, I can teach a little something about Artificial Intelligence

Hi there, this is your AI Prof! ?

✅ I curate resources from around the net to provide you the best content about AI ?

✅ What I offer
1. Beginner Guides ?
2. Insightful Documentaries
3. AI Content organized by
• Topic
• Society Issue/Development
• Industry
• Medium ????
• Content Type

✅ AI Project Channel ?
Initiate or join AI projects! Make friends, learn alongside other AI enthusiasts ?‍♂️?‍♀️

✅ Like to feedback? Tap “Feedback?” or text @Ethosify for suggestions and collaborations

✅ Stay tuned! More updates and features will arrive ☺️

✅ Share me with your friends

Sending you my endless love ❤️
AI Prof ?

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Hi there, this is your AI Prof 👋🏻
Push my buttons to learn about AI the way you like!

• Access a curated feed for everything AI from around the internet:

1. beginner guides 🐣
2. insightful documentaries 🎥
3. sophisticated articles 📝
4. interesting news updates ✨
... and more!

• Make friends and learn alongside other AI enthusiasts 🙋‍♂🙋‍♀

• Initiate or join AI projects 🚀

I will be progressively updated with new content and features in the time to come

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions so I can improve! You can feedback to my guardians via the Feedback Button, or messaging @Ethosify

Sending you my endless love,
AI Prof Bot

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