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Removes ad messages in groups, blocks authors, smells nice.
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What can do this bot?Blocks malignant messages from users in groups, you decide delete or kick.
You can Allow or Deny : URL , forwarded messages , phone numbers , mentions/
Timer: monitor your user messages forever or just 10-60 minutes after joining.
User report option: just reply to message with "!spam" or "!спам" and message will be deleted and user can be kicked.

For all questions - Bug reports are welcome

Hello! Welcome to AdBlock bot for groups, you need add bot to the group, give him admin rights (delete messages and ban users), type /start@AdBlocks_bot , after that comeback here for setup
By default bot kicks and removes message of everyone who send messages with links (or mensions) to group under 30 minutes after joining
Don't work in groups where everyone is admin

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

starts me
stops me
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